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GoComics to Run David Gilbert’s Buckles Archives

David Gilbert ended his 25 year run on the Buckles comic strip seven weeks ago. 

Now he brings back the Buckles archives at the GoComics site
starting today with the first strip from April 1, 1996.

above: 1996 intro to the comic strip

Earlier this year, David Gilbert, Buckles creator, announced he would end the strip’s 25-year print run. But good news for Buckles fans: The archive will be running in its entirety here on GoComics, with the possibility of new work by Gilbert popping up [emphasis added]. We chatted with Gilbert about saying “sit and stay” to his charming and naive pal, and what’s next for both of them.

David Gilbert sat down for an interview with GoComics. 

What’s next for you?
There are a few things on my mind including a new idea for a comic strip.

© David Gilbert

Community Comments

#1 Brad Perri
@ 4:12 pm

a NEW strip?!?


#2 D. D. Degg
@ 4:52 pm

Buckles is a new strip for GoComics – from 25 years ago.

#3 P.J. Terryberry
@ 1:07 am

Why wouldn’t every cancelled comic run on gocomics? Passive income.

#4 Brett Mount
@ 4:20 am

Wait, I thought GoComics was in the process of getting rid of strips?

#5 Brad Perri
@ 8:42 am

I’m also looking forward to the new idea for a comic strip David mentions! :)

#6 D. D. Degg
@ 9:19 am

Okay. I misinterpreted your first comment above.

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