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But Is It Op Art?

Rose is Rose © UFS, Inc.; Wallace the Brave © William Wilson

Not the common definition, but Don Wimmer and Will Henry present wonderful optics.



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Russell Myers offers another angle of a section of today’s CSotD column.


Good Timing or Just Winter Comics?

Mister Boffo © Neatly Chiseled Features; Arlo and Janis © UFS, Inc.

Joe Martin and Jimmy Johnson present a pair of winter comics,
but that polar blast this past week makes it particularly good timing.


Blast From the Past?

Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Avengers © Marvel Comics; Hi & Lois © King Features

Alex Saviuk and Eric Reaves take me back to my superhero comic book days.


(hat tip to Grand Comics Database for comic book covers)



Heathcliff © Creators Syndicate; Marmaduke © UFS, Inc.

As the Sunday strips catch up to real life events I have to wonder if
Peter Gallagher was inspired by various editorial cartoons from the second week of January,
while Paul Anderson is obviously inspired by another comic strip canine.



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Walter Reimer remembers a patriot.


4 thoughts on “From Today’s Sunday Color Comics Supplement

  1. Assuming Mr. Reimer works weeks out just like all of us on Sunday he couldn’t have known that Sicknick was not killed by a fire extinguisher but instead suffered a heart attack. Both CNN and NYT have issued corrections. But everything and everybody is in the political blame game today. Maybe comics shouldn’t be.

  2. There is no official cause of death and Reimer never mentioned a fire extinguisher. His salute to a dead officer is no more political than all those flags and pictures of saluting cartoon characters that we see on June 6 and Nov 11. Blue Lives have long Mattered on Dick Tracy.

    Note that the Times and CNN did not say it didn’t happen as first reported, only that questions have arisen. More of a “clarification” than a “correction” and certainly not a retraction.

    For more:

  3. I don’t understand what “political blame game” is supposed to be involved. Suppose even that the heart attack was merely a coincidence unrelated to the riot and that Reimer was utterly mistaken in attributing the death to the rioters. Where’s the political blame game? Blaming the rioters?

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