Happy 100th Birthday Skeezix!

100 years ago today in Gasoline Alley (from the New York Daily News):

Over the years Jim Scancarelli has used the Sunday around Valentine’s Day as a reason
to revisit the day Skeezix was found and his life after that momentous occasion.

It was not unusual for the birthdays to be numbered.



Birthday’s of note have always been noted:

Gasoline Alley © Tribune Content Agency

So… bit of a let down that the 100th is just a Valentine’s Day card and not a centennial celebration.

2 thoughts on “Happy 100th Birthday Skeezix!

  1. I am quite surprised! I would have put money on at least a trip to the Old Comics Home. Maybe there’s something set for the weekday strips, although that would be a peculiar transition from Saturday’s strip.

  2. For many years, I have wondered what the heck the Gasoline Alley artist du jour would do when the characters started to get REALLY old. Now I guess we know. They’ll just keep on aging! Walt must be at least 120 now. Maybe I could get a job as a comics character, and be immortal!

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