Dick Wright Joins The Cagle Gang

Last year Dick Wright returned to editorial cartooning after a 15 year break.
Now he has got a much wider audience by joining the Cagletoons syndicate.

From Daryl Cagle’s introduction:

Conservative cartoonists are rare, and great conservative cartoonists are extremely rare; we’re delighted to have Dick join our cartoonists and we look forward to seeing him give more weight to the right side of our left leaning group.


The introduction has a look at Dick’s remarkable career:

Dick is new to us, but he has been around for a long time.  Dick retired from United Features Syndicate in 2005 with a personal list of 420 subscribing newspapers; he has also been syndicated by the McNaught Syndicate, Copley News Service, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate and Tribune Media Services (now called “Tribune Content Agency,” which is the only syndicate on the list that is still in business). Dick has worked as a staff cartoonist for The Columbus Dispatch (OH), The Nashville Banner (TN), The Gwinnett Post (GA), The San Diego Union (CA), The Providence Journal-Bulletin (RI) and Scripps-Howard Newspapers (for a chain of 16 of their papers). Dick really gets around and he has won scores of awards in his long, impressive career.

Dick’s page at Cagletoons has an archive going back to September 2020.

cartoons © Dick Wright


One thought on “Dick Wright Joins The Cagle Gang

  1. Wow, a donkey wearing the hammer and sickle to symbolize the Democrats. How original and completely honest.

    Maybe he should have stayed retired?

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