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Which of The Usual Gang of Idiots Do You Most Admire?

That’s almost impossible to answer … Mort Drucker was the master of caricature and literally defined the movie/TV parody. Jack Davis was the greatest action/movement/physical cartoonist maybe ever. Wally Wood was a virtuoso of ink, light, and shadow, and could draw virtually anything from realism to humor better than anyone else. Will Elder‘s work was just plain hilarious to look at, and he was the “King of Chicken Fat” gags. Sergio Aragonés is the master of the pantomime cartoon and one of the greatest cartoonists ever. Harvey Kurtzman was a visual comedic savant.


But caricaturist Tom Richmond, respected alumni of TUGOI,  does come up with an answer of a sort – “there are two MAD contributors who I consider a core part of the magazine’s DNA.”


Is a Harold and The Purple Crayon Movie Wanted? Feasible?

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter:

Zachary Levi is attached to star in Sony Pictures’ live-action adaptation of children’s classic, Harold and the Purple Crayon.

There are some properties that probably shouldn’t be made into movies. Battleship was one of them. Now, it’s Harold and the Purple Crayon. Don’t get us wrong. Harold and the Purple Crayon is a great kids book. It was a cute animated series as well, but the episodes were short. There’s only really so much plot that you can get out of Harold without it being . . . boring. 

Bec Heim, at Film Daily, questions the wisdom of such a project.


Belfast: Our Town and Times in the Editorial Cartoons of Douglas Coffin

The Waldo Independent, which launched in 1985 as a breakaway alternative to the Republican Journal, was a scrappy, well-read newspaper that brought another voice to the city’s media landscape. Coffin’s cartoons were a weekly highlight, according to Jay Davis, the first editor of the Independent.

“In a paper like the Independent, we write about so few things every week. Some of them might be in a column, or a news story or an editorial. Douglas put them into picture format, and often that was the clearest view of the issue of all,” Davis said. “Douglas’s graceful lines stood in good contrast to the hammer approach of the editor writing editorials.”

For the life of The Waldo Independent (1985-2008) Douglas Coffin was its editorial cartoonist, that part of his career is displayed in a two month show at the Belfast Free Library. The Bangor Daily News has details and a profile of cartoonist Douglas Coffin.


Andrews McMeel Universal Editorial Openings

The senior calendar editor is responsible for acquiring unique, distinctive, compelling content that aligns with AMU’s strategic direction and can be expressed primarily in calendar form, but also with potential to extend into other forms and media, such as books, greeting cards, digital products, or syndication. In addition to identifying and proposing new properties, the senior calendar editor is responsible for managing the execution of assigned titles, including high-profile licenses. This position reports to the Director of Acquisitions, Calendars, and works closely with internal associates to deliver complete and accurate files ready for production, as well as with external partners such as creators, licensors, and agents to negotiate contracts and obtain materials and approvals.

There are a couple editorial opportunities at AMU looking for qualified applicants.



This seems to be a popular subject.

Explica’s 10 Ways Garfield Has Changed Since 1978.

CBR’s 10 Ways Peanuts Changed Between 1950 and 2000.



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