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A Bit More with The Sunday Funnies

© Baldo Partnership

Today’s Sunday Baldo reminds me of the old Grin and Bear It Sundays.

© King Features Syndicate


© Maria Scrivan

Someone at GoComics (temporarily) dropped the “K” from today’s Half Full,
giving an excuse to link to this history of comic’s color.


© Bizarro Studios

Looks like Dan Piraro’s Bizarro is taking a cue
from Dan Piraro’s other graphic project.

© Peyote Cowboy


Everything old is new again.
Doonesbury experiments with a Sunday “Flashbacks” episode.

© G. B. Trudeau

Community Comments

#1 Joseph Nebus
@ 12:44 pm

I apologize for the intrusion and for not having a more direct source, but just found a comment on my blog about John Allen, whose Nest Heads ended abruptly last year. If the report’s correct, Allen died of brain cancer in September.

#2 Joseph Nebus
@ 12:50 pm

Today’s Bizarro is, by the way, a redraw of a strip from the early 90s. I believe it was a weekday strip in the original run.

(And, it’s a good joke, worth remaking, and I don’t intend to begrudge Piraro for reusing a joke after decades when maybe four people will spot it.)

#3 D. D. Degg
@ 9:28 am

Joseph: The source for John’s passing would seem to be a comment left on his entry at Lambiek’s Comiclopedia
That entry is adapted almost entirely from his Creators biography

I am tempted to write an obituary for John, but after doing a bit of searching I can find no backup for his passing. It is not that I don’t believe Kristin, I would just like some kind of additional confirmation.

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