Paul F. Gray Joins the Senior Strippers Club

A(nother) belated notice that Paul Frank Gray is now a dues-paying member of the Senior Strippers club. We wish the Reverend Paul Gray a happy and blessed belated birthday, born October 10, 1930.

From Assemblies of God last December:

Since 2002, Gray has drawn the faith-based cartoon “Shades of Gray” for the religious page of the Sullivan Daily Times in Indiana.

“I stay within a small sermonette format by proclaiming a message of hope and God’s Word in each submission,” explains the 89-year-old Gray, noting that the newspaper has published about 600 of his cartoons.

After receiving his AG ministerial credentials in 1961, Gray pastored several churches in Ohio and Indiana. He retired from pastoring in 2015. Gray’s religious cartoons were featured in the Saturday Evening Post for 14 years until the 1970s.

A year ago WTHI ran a profile on Paul:

At almost 90 years old, Paul Gray of Carlisle has been cartooning his entire life—he even still publishes a weekly cartoon for area newspapers…

“In the early 1950s, I worked for the Detroit Daily News a little bit,” he said.

He also worked for a number of small newspapers throughout Michigan and Indiana before his life took another turn.

“That went on until I was called to the ministry,” he said.

Today, Gray’s religious cartoon, “Shades of Gray” can be seen each week on the Sullivan Daily Times religious page.

From the Marion Republican five years ago:

At 85, Gray’s fingers are affected by arthritis, but he has learned to cope.

“I can use three fingers on both hands comfortably. That’s all you need to hold a pen,” Gray said.

Gray has had cartoons published in the “Saturday Evening Post” and was a regular contributor to “Bereavement” magazine and “Enrichment.” He now expects no payment for his cartoon ministry.

“I’ve had a good ministry in the papers. I think it keeps us all on the ball,” Gray said.

A friend of his is compiling a book of 130 of Gray’s cartoons.