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Sunday Funnies:A Hit Before Your Mother Was Born

We’ll start this edition of Sunday Funnies with some strips that have been around a while.

Brenda Starr arrives as guest star in Dick Tracy; along with Annie and who-knows-who-else.
This particular story began with this past Monday’s installment.
R. Robert Pollak and the Brenda Starr Fan Page for the in-production look.


I don’t recall Gasoline Alley having extended stories on Sunday’s during Jim’s run.
I’m sure this isn’t a first, but they must be few and far between. And superhero continuity!

Before we leave the Tribune Content Agency strips, let’s note that Dana and the syndicate are honoring Ralph Dunagin, who passed away earlier this year, by keeping his name on The Middletons comic. There are a few other strips that keep the creators’ (co-creator in this case) names on the strips after they have gone on to The Comics Retirement Home.


Bringing us to The Family Circus where fond memories are brought to mind on Grandparents Day.
And we see Thel’s original hair style.


Dick Tracy isn’t the only one with guest appearances today.


The Argyle Sweater and Thatababy are having fun with their funny pages partners.


Some of my favorite Shoe comics are about the trails and tribulations of The Treetops Tattler.
By the way, happy 43rd anniversary to Shoe and company.


I’ve been distracted lately and didn’t notice until today that Dog Eat Doug returned to new strips on Monday, September 7, 2020. With the added bonus that the strip, while still distributed by Creators Syndicate, in now © Brian Anderson.


I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.

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#1 phil von neupert
@ 11:44 pm

My mother was born during the Hoover administration, so yes, she was born a long, long time ago, and, in fact, knows. Although she predates most of the cartoons, she did grow up with Little Orphan Annie. My home town of Lombard, Il has a house that was owned by the creator of Annie, and I believe the current owners will allow people to tour the house by appointment.

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