No, 100 Newspapers Did Not Cancel Six Chix

A news site ran an article about the current foofaraw over a Six Chix panel headlined

The url for the Black Enterprise article also included that bit of misinformation:

The article itself notes only that

A comic panel was removed from several newspapers [emphasis added] after readers called the cartoon “inappropriate and offensive.”

Also from the article:

Six Chix is a collaborative comic strip that’s been syndicated daily to more than 120 newspapers [emphasis added], focusing on a broad range of topics from a woman’s perspective. The group features a rotating team of female cartoonists, including Bianca Xunise, who penned the cartoon and was the first Black woman to join Six Chix.

The circulation number of “more than 120 newspapers” was reported in most articles about the comics panel, but somewhere along the line the headline writer got confused and thought that was the number of papers that cancelled the feature?

2 thoughts on “No, 100 Newspapers Did Not Cancel Six Chix

  1. There is little more annoying for a reporter than to work on a story and then have it undercut by an editor who wrote a hed like that, obviously without having read it.

  2. And the comic in question is right on point.

    Why is it that the most easily offended people in the world are always calling OTHERS “snowflakes”?

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