Creators Adjustments: Nest Heads, Dog Eat Doug

The Reed Brennan/ Creators Syndicate announcement of Nest Heads ending was off by a day. Instead of ending on Friday, July 31 the comic strip ended on Saturday, August 1; which makes more sense. Creators, for the moment, is sitting on that last strip (a rerun from 2014):

While GoComics has begun the cycle over, going into their archives
for their first Nest Heads strip from 2003 (the strip began in 1998):

The last NEW Nest Heads comic strip remains the Sunday strip of July 12, 2020.
Also: I do not know what the circulation of Nest Heads was. The last mention of the strip that I find in the news was when the Portland Tribune dropped their comics page which included Nest Heads. That was 2018. Does anyone know of a newspaper printing the strip this year?


In other Creators/Andrews McMeel(GoComics) news it seems
Creators has won the tug of war over Dog Eat Doug for now.

It looked like Dog Eat Doug was going over to Andrews McMeel, but Creators wasn’t giving the strip up with out a fight. And for the week of July 13 both syndicates were running the strip with different copyright slugs:

Andrews McMeel above versus Creators below.

Creators then went with a couple weeks of daily reruns while running the new Sundays, while Andrews McMeel (via GoComics) ran new daily strips for those same two weeks (July 20 through August 1, 2020). Both ran new Sundays.

Today (August 2) both Creators and Andrews McMeel are running the new Sunday with both carrying different their own copyright slugs, as has been the case since July 19:


So what has changed? The Dog Eat Doug page has disappeared from the AMS features page:

So it looks like Dog Eat Doug is back at Creators.
But when does Creators start running the new dailies?



7 thoughts on “Creators Adjustments: Nest Heads, Dog Eat Doug

  1. I should mention while Andrews McMeel and Creators were fighting over “Dog Eat Doug”, the Tampa Bay Times dropped the strip from the online exclusive portion of their newspaper. They replaced it with the Creators-syndicated “Flo and Friends” starting this past Monday.

  2. Well, I just discovered my paper replaced Dog Eat Doug with Herb and Jamaal, saying Dog Eat Doug has been retired.

    I’m not sure if it’s a win for Creators if papers are dropping Dog Eat Doug and it’s not readily showing up elsewhere anymore. A win for Creators, a loss for everyone else. (And I thought Andrews McMeel had full rights since I’ve been reading Dog Eat Doug for ages on Andrews McMeel’s GoComics site, buying the books from Andrews McMeel for years, etc. Odd).

  3. In the relatively brief time I had input on our strips (about five years) I had two experiences in which a syndicate pushed another strip rather than let us know of a change — in one case, the strip was retiring and I guess they didn’t want to risk us buying something from a competitor, and, in the other, he’d simply changed syndicates and they kinda sorts forgot to tell us the strip was still available.

    Need I repeat that editors don’t really pay a lot of attention to comic strips? You don’t need to sell them magic beans — they’ll accept pebbles.

  4. I miss my little Sophie. It is one of the best comics I have ever read. I 83 1/ 2 years old and Sophie is like my dog. I have access to 3 Siberian huskies (my grandchildren’s) but somehow that little Sophie seems so real. I hope it is going to be available again soon. It would have been nice if there had been an explanation. Hi to you Sophie and your creator.

    This is a valid email address

  5. I miss my little Sophie. I watch for the paper everyday just to see what Sophie is up to. I am 83 1/2 years old and can’t afford a dog any more. Have some access to 3 Siberian huskies (my grandchildren’s) but is a real loss if Sophie is gone forever. It would have been to get an explanation . Hi to you and your creator and let m know if I can access this comic somewhere else

    Only sent twice because you said incorrect email address.

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