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Publisher James Warren Joins the Senior Strippers

Famed comics publisher James Warren turns 90 today – born July 29, 1930.

I guess technically he should be an Honorary Senior Stripper since Jim didn’t write or draw comics. But he certainly was a major supporter and influencer of comic books with his black and white magazines.

During The Sixties and into The Seventies Jim was the king of the comic magazines. He and Russ Jones managed to get top rank artists to illustrate the stories; and when Archie Goodwin began writing the stories it was comics nirvana. Eventually hard times hit Warren Publishing, but I prefer to remember the good days.

Last year Bill Schelly released his fascinating biography of James Warren. Chuck Dixon reviews it here. Barry Pearl uses the book to work up a nice profile of Warren. Twenty years ago Comic Book Artist sat down with Jim for a long interview. So, while not a comic writer or artist, his lasting footprint on the comic book industry earns him a spot among the Senior Strippers.

Happy Birthday Jim.

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