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Previewing the ALL-NEW Heart of the City

Today we say goodbye to Mark Tatulli’s Heart of the City:


Tomorrow we welcome the Steenz Heart of the City:


Not quite ‘All-New” as proclaimed in the headline.
Oh, the style and gags will be different, but Heart will remain the star.

Over on Twitter cartoonist Steenz tells us how she adapted
to the Heart comic strip and how Heart adapted to Steenz.

So I was getting closer to figuring out how I wanted to draw Heart then my editor was like draw in your style. This comic is yours now!


And thus Heart Lamarr Steenz version was born! The more i drew her in the comic strips the more I started to feel more comfortable with who she was, how she moves and what her clothes look like. I also think I got better at drawing in like 4 months time??

Other regulars also remain, with new characters introduced.


A fascinating look at how a cartoonist takes over an existing comic strip without
suppressing her own style. Check out the thread at the Steenz Twitter feed.

Heart of the City by Steenz starts Monday, April 27, 2020.


You might know Christina “Steenz” Stewart as an artist, drawing the McDuffie Award-winning Archival Quality from Oni Press.

You might know Christina “Steenz” Stewart as an editor of titles at Lion Forge, Mad Cave Studios, and elsewhere.

You might know Christina “Steenz” Stewart as an adjunct professor at Missouri’s Webster University, teaching cartooning.

Yes, one person is all these things and more.

Some background on Steenz from a Newsarama interview in early March.

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