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Matt is Best of 2019 per National Press Awards

In the United Kingdom the Society of Editors has revealed the National Press Awards winners.

Matt Pritchett of The Telegraph was named Cartoonist of the Year.

The judges said that 2019 provided fertile ground in which his comic genius could flourish. His Lowry cartoon was simply superb. The winner of Cartoonist of the Year is Matt Pritchett of The Telegraph.

One of judges said that they struggled to get the Boris cartoon out of their head.


Highly commended is Chris Riddell of The Observer.


In a sign of the times:

“The awards dinner, scheduled to take place this week in London, had been postponed in the hope the crisis would pass quickly. While we all hope the situation will improve rapidly there is the likelihood it could continue for some time and it was felt more appropriate to cancel the event altogether and announce the results.

“While the battle to defeat the Covid-19 virus and support the UK public at this time eclipses all other considerations, I do feel it is important to ensure the hard work and professionalism shown by the national press during 2019 does not go unrecorded.”

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