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Brian Crane Interview for Pickles 30th

Continuing the celebration of 30 years of the Pickles comic strip,
Brian Crane‘s local newspaper interviews the cartoonist.

It appears you still publish a piece every day, but do you create every day?

For most of the past 30 years I have created new material every day. Lately I have slowed down a bit, slipping in some of my favorite reruns here and there. They’re strips that were done many years ago when Pickles was in a lot fewer papers, so most people didn’t see them anyway. And if they did they’ve probably forgotten them. I know I have.

The above and more questions at the Reno Gazette Journal.

Find out about the hidden symbols in the panels below.


Sparks-based comic Brian Crane first published the comic strip “Pickles” on April 2, 1990 in about two dozen papers, including the Reno Gazette Journal. It wasn’t long before Opal and Earl, their cat Muffin and dog Roscoe were being featured in 1,000 newspapers worldwide.

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