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Brian Crane, Pickle-ing For 30 Years

30 years ago, April 2, 1990, saw the debut of Pickles by Brian Crane.

above: the first Pickles comic strip

Since that beginning the strip has become very successful:

Whether observing the differences between genders and generations or taking a wry but sympathetic look at life in the twilight years, Crane’s good-natured wit and dry humor please readers of all ages…Pickles has topped comics polls across the nation again and again, and it appears in 900 newspapers around the world.

And time and again it has been shown that daring to replace the strip with another about some young whippersnapper will result in a deluge of angry letters flooding the editor’s inbox.

Brian celebrated the 30th anniversary in today’s strip:


Last year brother/cartoonist Leon stayed for a week with Earl and Opal, complaining of writer’s block,

but Brian sure doesn’t have a problem bringing the hilarity.
Congratulations, and thanks, to Brian for the laughter.


For that first strip up top to Philip R. Frey,
who posted the first week of dailies at the Hogan’s Alley Facebook page.


Community Comments

#1 Jim Keefe
@ 10:24 am

Pickles RULES! Happy 30th and wishing Brian Crane all the best!

#2 Frances Dalley
@ 12:40 pm

Congratulations on the last 30 years PICKLES ROCKS! We love your column Brian Crane!

#3 tvc15
@ 1:33 pm

I’ve been getting Pickels’d for a long time. Love it.

#4 Pat Malone
@ 7:05 pm

Thank you much, Brian & Leon!

#5 marilyn Plitz
@ 2:29 pm

We enjoy your humor very much…even though you do steal it from our lives…lol During these trying times, humor is even more important… so as you ‘create’, it cheers us all and we are able to cheer those we influence in one way or another..Carry on…for another 30 years..the BEST is yet to be <3

#6 Vicki Bishop
@ 9:53 am

Brian Crane, You can not quit. It is as though you are looking in our windows. With the first sip of hot chocolate, you become the smile that starts the day. Please tell us if you are retiring you have someone in training. They will never be as good but maybe they can look in YOUR windows as you have done to mine for inspiration! Your devoted fan

#7 Amy Diehl
@ 2:14 pm

Thank you, Brian Crane, for a wonderfully funny 30 years! “Pickles” has been a staple for me. I have heard the strip mentioned from podiums of all sorts and in sermons. Here’s to all the old farts out there who think they are the ones in charge!
Westminster MD

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