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Don Martin’s Widow, Norma, Needs Trademark Help

Norma Martin, widow of famed cartoonist Don Martin, is asking for help.
Norma is fighting to retain the trademark on “Don Martin.”


Norma Martin has opened a gofundme account to raise money
for legal fees in a fight to keep “Don Martin” a part of their family.

He made other people rich.  But he was only rich in talent.  I am his widow
living on social security, and I am trying to keep MAD and DC Comics, who are
owned by AT&T, from stealing his name, trademark and work.  How are they
doing this and why should anyone care?  Every creative person strives for
recognition.  It represents their talent.  Whether a writer, painter, musician,
poet, cartoonist, dancer, and so on, they all appreciate recognition.

My opponents have
been using Don’s name on books and magazines all over the world as if it is
their property.   They have been putting his name on work he did not create.
That is what I am fighting.  I have done the best I can but will soon need the
help of real lawyers. And big companies fight hard and dirty.  Law is a
complicated animal and I do not know enough to keep on fighting without
legal help.

If you have a few bucks to spare, please consider helping Norma.

above: Flock of Sounds by Don Martin


Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 12:22 pm

Since MAD Magazine went on a mix of new and reprinted features as of 2019, can past Don Martin art for MAD Magazine ever get reprinted in selected upcoming MAD issues?

#2 Tom Richmond
@ 9:10 am

Everything Don Martin did for MAD was under a Work for Hire agreement. Just like everything Mort Drucker did. And Jack Davis. And Sergio. MAD/DC/AT&T owns it. Martin left MAD and went to Cracked because Gaines would not change that policy for him or anyone. So yes, MAD could reprint anything Martin did.

#3 P.J. Terryberry
@ 9:18 am

MAD makes the syndicates look friendly.

#4 Norma Martin
@ 2:56 pm

Thanks to all the wonderful people who are helping. This has been a long and difficult fight. One of the lawyers for the other side–and there are three–lied during the last hearing held.
LIED!! I went in to court believing and still do I must and will tell the truth. Those lies will cost them dearly. I believe in what I am trying to do. When I win no other creator will have to worry that their name will be stolen by any company, big or small. That is worth fighting for. Norma

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