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‘Overwhelming Demand’ Wins Back Sunday Comics

In answer to an overwhelming demand by the readers of the Tullahoma News,
the comic page will return to the publication starting Feb. 2.

“That was one of the top concerns I received in surveys we sent out once I began here. Everyone wanted the Sunday comics back,” said Tullahoma News Editor Duane Sherrill. “I immediately began speaking with a cartoon provider and we have agreed on a regular Sunday page that I think our readers will enjoy.”

The offerings each Sunday will include Peanuts, Garfield, Foxtrot, Dilbert, Doonsbury and Pearls Before Swine.

“We selected the comics that are the most widely read,” Sherrill said, noting if there is enough push for replacing one of the six strips, the paper will be responsive to demand. “This is something we can change if needed since our providers offers a massive library of comics to choose from. We want to give our readers what they want.”

The Tullahoma News is the paper that has been set straight.


Community Comments

#1 Becky
@ 3:04 pm

Tullahoma, in case readers don’t know, is a smallish progressive town in central Tennessee. I grew up there. Was I ever amazed that it made The Daily Cartoonist — and even more amazed at the reason! Go Wildcats!

#2 Pierre Garcon
@ 6:27 pm

Progressive indeed!

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