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Webster’s Bridge (1924) – New Paperback Edition

Nat Gertler and About Comics have reissued the 1924 Webster’s Bridge book,
originally published by Frederick A. Stokes.

Bleeding Cool has more information about the new edition of Webster’s Bridge.

Nat Gertler must be a bridge fan, as Bleeding Cool notes,
“This book is just the latest in a series of books of bridge humor from About Comics.”


Publishing date is January 1, 2020 – Nat could barely wait for the book to go public domain to put out a new edition. I would like Nat or someone to start reissuing all those old public domain comics. Frederick A. Stokes, Cupples & Leon, Embee, and other publishers have a wealth of public domain works available for the taking.

I would dearly love to see, say, those Comic Monthly books reprinted four to a volume at 120 pages, leaving space for a few pages of historical context. Trademark laws might prevent the titles from being used on the covers of such books, but splaying names like Swinnerton, De Beck, Goldberg, and Tad on the covers and the images would likely be selling points.
A guy can dream, can’t he?


Community Comments

#1 Kip Williams
@ 9:53 am

Wow! An HT Webster collection besides the “Best Of” will finally be available at a less-than-astronomical price? Sign me up, even if I don’t understand very much of Bridge apart from the facial expressions.

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