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The Kinks’ Komik Kronikles


On Friday (in the U. S.) the Andy Capp comic strip riffed on a couple of songs by The Kinks,
and the commenters continued the riffing with various Kinks songs in response.

I’m sure everyone here is aware of Ray Davies, one of the greatest songwriters of all time,
and The Kinks, the great band that he and his brother Dave founded.

But for those who have spent the last 65 years in Lower Slobbovia, here’s the briefest of intros:



This wasn’t the first time the Englishmen Mahoney, Goldsmith, and Garnett featured the quintessential British rock band. Two years ago they also used The Kinks as part of a gag:


But long before these recent acknowledgements,
Garry B. Trudeau used their most famous song as a comment on the heavier metal.

Like Andy Capp, that 1990 strip wasn’t the first mention of The Kinks in Doonesbury.
Early in the run (1974) Zonker was exposed as a Kinks fan:


That was a mention, among other rockers, which is what they got in Guy Gilchrist’s Nancy of 2015:


A mention was about all this great group got on most of the teen music magazine covers of The Sixties.

At least another magazine, cover dated that same February 1966 month as Teen World,
gave The Kinks a mention on a less crowded cover:


Can anyone supply this fan with more Kinks komik gigs?

Adam Smith (see comment below) adds another cartoon:



Community Comments

#1 Adam Smith
@ 7:49 pm


in 1991 British adult humour comic Viz featured this one panel cartoon gag:

#2 D. D. Degg
@ 9:04 pm

All right, Adam. You’re a Wonderboy!

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