Little Orphan Tannkie McNamara and Other History

95 years ago today Little Orphan Annie by Harold Gray appeared.

Earlier this year Annie made a guest appearance in the Dick Tracy comic strip.



45 years ago today Tank McNamara by Jeff Millar and Bill Hinds debuted.

A look at the tife and hard limes of TankTank McNamara today.



Charles Schulz is well-known as a friendly guy, slow to anger.
But Rick Marschall learned how to push the Peanuts creator’s buttons.

By the way, that whole Yesterday’s Papers site is chock full of amazing history.



Mike Lynch presents excerpts from cartoonist George Price‘s 1940 book and diary.

Check the rest of Mike’s site for many more cartoonists of the past.



Is this, then, finally comics? It is sequential, it deploys “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer.” If this is not comics, what is?

Jared Gardner checks out comic strips hundreds of years before comic strips were “created.”



Dani Wolf, by way of the Billy Ireland, remembers The Milwaukee Journal’s old Green Sheet.

A few years ago The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel brought back the Green Sheet.





2 thoughts on “Little Orphan Tannkie McNamara and Other History

  1. The Green Sheet, alas, isn’t printed on green paper any more; highlighting part of the page with some green halftone is cheaper.

    One thing the JS never brought back was the corny one-liner (we’d call it a Dad Joke these days) across the front page of the Green Sheet. I guess the newspaper had to cut the position of Resident Wit.

  2. I don’t think I’d describe Annie’s most recent appearance in DICK TRACY as a “guest” appearance, since she (along with Sandy, Daddy Warbucks, Punjab, the Asp, and the Great AM) have been fairly regular characters in DICK TRACY for several years now, having been taken on there shortly after their original strip died.

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