Disappointed in the Curtis Readers

On Friday, July 26 (above), Ray Billingsley started a story line in his Curtis comic strip.

This week Ray introduced a new character.


My disappointment comes from, after two days of “Quincy Shearer,”
none of the commenters mentioning the origin of that name.

Quincy by Ted Shearer was a classic, and one of a small group of syndicated comic strips by
African American cartoonists that came in the period following Dr. Martin Luther King’s death.
A masterpiece of art and humor.

I am just amazed that no one has brought up the connection;
after all, Quincy is a part of Comics Kingdom’s Vintage Funnies.

From a year ago is R.C. Harvey‘s appreciation of the art of Ted Shearer,
and early last year Mike Lynch re-presented a two part Quincy gallery.




One thought on “Disappointed in the Curtis Readers

  1. I love the Curtis comic strip. I was curious about “Mr. Quincy Shearer” so I Googled it, getting to your website. I also loved Doonesbury and still appreciate Candorville (Prickly City less so). Don’t worry: there are still intelligent life forms reading the daily comics. COS

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