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Mr. Postman, Look and See, Is There a Letter…


Hats off to cartoonist

This is just a quick opinion from a regular reader that the cartoon by Joe Heller in this week’s Herald-Independent about Bart Starr entering heaven is the best cartoon I have seen anywhere in a decade. Maybe two decades. Huzza Heller.



Cartoon of Mother Goose poem sad example to use

The Gazette’s publishing of political cartoonist Dave Granlund’s parody of the Mother Goose poem about the old women who lived in the shoe who had so many children she didn’t know what to do is a sad example to use in the ongoing debate about abortion.

Given the fact that this poor woman gave birth to all these children long before Roe v. Wade means something much different than the modern day version. In today’s version, she’d know what to do and all those beautiful kids would not have to worry about living in an old shoe.



Bone spurs can kill

The political cartoon on the Enid News & Eagle Opinion page, Sunday, June 2, 2019, demonstrates a stupidity and laziness found only in they who lack real world experience, and/or the professionalism to research an issue prior to addressing it in print.

Enter, “[Jeff] Danziger” of the Rutland Herald, a writing group for The Washington Post, and his “USS Bone Spurs” cartoon re-suggesting that our present supreme commander of the armed forces somehow dodged the draft because of a heel bone spurs determination diagnosed by military doctors.

Perhaps, “Danziger” should have researched bone spur debilitation



Non Sequitur no worse than current comics

In reply to the editor’s most recent column regarding the comics, NO you did not adequately explain your withdrawal of “Non Sequitur.” You summarily refuse to consider it in the reader reply form and again in your column

Would you consider it OK for children to read strips featuring the following:

1: A lazy, slovenly, wife-insulting man who makes a living stealing, by leading a group of terrorist warriors armed with lethal weapons.

2. A bumbling father who sleeps at work, overeats, takes naps at home to avoid household chores and has a wife who works full time and runs the household for him and their two grown children.

3. An army general who prefers to play golf rather than tend to business, and a sergeant who regularly physically assaults a private under his care.

4. Three children with problems … a serious inferiority complex, a blanket fetish and an aggressive bully complex



Comic strip endorsed misogyny

There was a chilling detail in the syndicated “Hi and Lois” comic strip on May 25. In a boys’ tree fort, in the background, was a poster for a “HE-MAN WOMAN HATERS CLUB.” Perhaps this was a detail few readers took notice of, which I sincerely hope since the implications of that minor detail are enormous and dangerous for over half our population

Certainly, some would scoff at my reaction as petty and dramatic, but



Awful Suggestion

Wednesday’s “Off the Easel” editorial cartoon by Signe Wilkinson was the worst The Star has published. (15A)

No matter how you feel about President Donald Trump, suggesting that the president of the United States and his wife would steal silverware is really crass.



Did Pearls Before Swine need to go after “another dumb guy”

The Sunday comics is a fun start of our morning each week.  One comic, on May 5, took my breath away in disbelief.

The first panel of “Pearls before Swine” showed two angry books on the library shelf, miffed because dumb people were not reading them.  They carried out their plan to make the world smarter by jumping out of the window and landing “upon the heads of dumb guys.”  The sixth panel showed the police finding a dead person on the sidewalk saying, “Looks like we lost another dumb guy.”  The words above them said, “And the world got smarter by subtraction.”

Intelligence is a gift, not a virtue

Thirteen percent of our population has an IQ of 70 to 85



Missing Zits

Congratulations to Pam Pratt on becoming the new editor of the Newton Daily News. I hope her tenure will be profitable for both the paper and the area it covers

One of the changes made this past month in the NDN is in the comic section, where my favorite comic, “Zits” has been removed in favor of an astrology column. Dennis the Menace, Family Circus, Baby Blues, Peanuts and Garfield are also high on my favorite list, but I sure do miss Zits. The author of this strip hit the nail on the head nine times out of ten concerning the lifestyle and habits of a typical 16 year old boy and gave me many laughs. Can we please have it back?



Pett cartoon reprehensible

A recent cartoon by Joel Pett equating the destruction of nerve gas to the destruction of our president was about as unfunny as Kathy Griffin holding a fake severed head of the likeness of President Donald Trump. In Kentucky, 118 counties voted for Trump and will probably do so again in 2020. The Herald-Leader is on its way to self-destruction by not representing the people of Kentucky. Pett should be fired for this cartoon and his superiors involved for approving this reprehensible cartoon advocating violence or destruction of the president



A cheap shot




Community Comments

#1 Mike Peterson
@ 2:43 pm

No good deed goes unpunished.

#2 Hank Gillette
@ 12:48 pm

Trump has stolen from people all his life. He’s cheated contractors, and made money for himself while letting all the people who invested in his casinos watch their investment go to zero. He’s making money now as President by spending time at his properties and forcing the Secret Service and others to rent rooms and golf cars from him. Stealing from the Queen of the U.K. doesn’t seem like such a stretch.

Your comments about firing a cartoonist indicate that you really don’t understand the purpose of political cartoons in general, or this cartoon in particular. It was not advocating violence or destruction of the president; it was pointing out how hard it would be to deal with the toxic effects of this lazy, ignorant, racist president.

#3 D. D. Degg
@ 8:32 pm

Just to make it clear, and for some reason I didn’t preface the piece with this information, the responses to the cartoons are not mine, but letters to various newspaper editors from their readers.

#4 Hank Gillette
@ 12:31 am

Thanks for your clarification. I did mistakenly think that these were your comments, and I apologize for not recognizing that these were readers’ comments.

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