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Spokesman-Review Readers to Decide the Fate of Non Sequitur


It seems newspapers are slowly returning Non Sequitur to their comic pages. After the fubar earlier this year and the accompanying cancellations, editors are listening to their readers who continue to want the comic back in their papers.


The latest is The Spokesman-Review.

You wouldn’t believe how many notes I still get each week saying that even after several months, they still miss the irreverence of “Non Sequitur” each morning.



So they have made a firm decision – let the readers decide.

Then it hit us. Why not let our readers decide? This is as much your newspaper as it is our newspaper.

Do you accept Miller’s apology? Would you like to see “Non Sequitur” return to the pages of The Spokesman-Review?

We’ve created a special email address and phone number for you to call to tell us. You can send us your answer to or leave us a message at (509) 459-5149.

We’re going to check these for the next few weeks. Then we’ll write a story telling you all what our readers decided.

And don’t worry, we’re not going to draw a conclusion that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.

Because that would be a non sequitur.

Spokesman-Review editor Rob Curley‘s column.




Community Comments

#1 Brett Mount
@ 3:34 am

Assessing the desires of your readership is one thing, but doing so by means of email with no verification that the sender has ever lived in Washington (much less ever heard of the Spokesman-Review) seems to be quite another.

#2 Ignatz
@ 4:47 am

All this ruckus over a Rorschach test that appears to actually say “602UCK YOURISRL NU=TDUNP.”

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