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Front Page News: Comics Switch in Lufkin

In Lufkin, Texas the switching of comics, beginning today, rates a front page story
– admittedly below the fold at the bottom of the page, but still, front page news!

Good News

Starting today, readers of The Lufkin Daily News can look forward to seeing a few new cartoons on the comics page.

‘‘Nancy’’ and ‘‘Red and Rover’’ will be appearing both daily and Sunday.

We’ve added ‘‘The Argyle Sweater’’ and ‘‘Arlo and Janis’’ to our Sunday comics page. Both strips have been fixtures on the daily page.

Finally, ‘‘Marmaduke’’ is America’s most lovable Great Dane.


Bad News

Of course, adding comic strips means taking something away. ‘‘Nancy’’ and ‘‘Red and Rover’’ are replacing ‘‘Breaking Cat News’’ and ‘‘Hagar the Horrible’’ on both the daily and Sunday pages.

‘‘The Argyle Sweater,’’ ‘‘Arlo and Janis’’ and ‘‘Marmaduke’’ are replacing ‘‘Hi & Lois,’’ ‘‘Marvin’’ and ‘‘Mutts’’ as Sunday strips.


New comic strips starting today in The Lufkin Daily News.

Four of the five comics dropped are King Features Syndicate strips, with one Andrews McMeel Syndication strip dropped. All the new strips are from Andrews McMeel.

The Lufkin Daily News’ online comics page remains Comics Kingdom.



Sister newspaper Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel is also making (the same) changes.
Unknown how many of the Southern Newspaper Inc. papers are involved in the switch.




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