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New NCS President is Extremely Comic Genius – also NCSFest Extras and Reuben Remainders


The new president of the National Cartoonists Society is a stand-up comedian.
Oh, Jason Chatfield is also a magazine and comic strip cartoonist.

The young Mr. Chatfield is not a newcomer to being a president of cartoonist organizations.
He had earlier been the youngest president of the Australian Cartoonists Association.
I think he has now become the youngest ever president of the National Cartoonists Society.

I’m very proud and deeply honoured to commence my term as 36th President of the world’s biggest cartooning organisation, the National Cartoonists Society.

With this year’s Reuben Awards and NCSFest over Jason has found time
to write a letter of introduction as NCS President.


NCSFest/Reuben Weekend Remainders…

We are grateful that Molly Stromoski brought her camera to the festival
and shared scores of pictures to the National Cartoonists Society Facebook page.

The Pittsburgh City Paper reported on some of the local cartoonists that attended.

And somehow Tom Gammill got video equipment and cartoonists together and filmed
a seven and a half minute short that premiered at The Reuben Awards (Oscar worthy?).




Community Comments

#1 Alex Hallatt
@ 8:49 pm

Jason Chatfield is a machine!

No, seriously, he must be an android or something – there is no way he has time to be NCS president on top of everything else…

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