A Reuben of Cartoonists (photos)

A few pictures of The Reuben Awards evening nicked off Twitter and Facebook.

David Blumenstein takes a group photo.

Here’s that tall guy in the middle of the above pic – Will Henry with editor Shena Wolf:


above: Peter Kuper, Maria Scrivan, Joe Dator – winners all.

below: Dave Blazek and Family (Jillian and Eileen) – Dave was a winner before he got the award.


Reuben Award winner Stephan Pastis and future(?) award winner Charles Brubaker.


Some other Reuben Award Weekend photos:


Those keen Keane Brothers


Carolyn Belefski (with Popeye)


Ann Telnaes, Kevin Kallaugher, Martin Rowson, Michael Ramirez – editorializing.


Lisa Rothstein and Cathy Guisewite scheming.


Yeah, what a gawdawful place to throw a festival.









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