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The New Dick Tracy Goes Retro


The current Dick Tracy Minit Mystery by Jim Doherty has Max Allan Collins and
A. Brad Schwartz simulacra interviewing the detective about an early adventure.


With writer Doherty taking the action back to 1931,
Joe Staton has altered the art to fit the times.

Joe has not just adapted to the styles of the day. he has adapted the drawing.
The lines seem a bit thinner, with less detail and feathering, and just basic black spotting.

Strips with both modern interview and flashback show the difference:


But Joe doesn’t go as “primitive” as Chester Gould was in 1931.


I am enjoying the retro story and art in this Minit Mystery. You also can enjoy it.
The Tribune Content Agency has the dailies in black and white (my preference),
or at GoComics where the dailies are in color, but has the added treats of an archive that
will cover the entire story and author Jim Doherty regularly chiming in as a commenter.







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