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Winston-Salem Journal Rejiggers Comics Page

The Winston-Salem Journal has joined a couple other newspapers in taking the opportunity to switch out a few comics while replacing Non Sequitur.

In this case The Journal will cancel three daily strips that have been in rerun status for years.

Three strips that have been entirely in reruns in recent years — Get Fuzzy, For Better or For Worse, and the weekday installments of Doonesbury — will be replaced in the daily paper by three new additions, two recent creations and one that is a revival of a classic title. And the editors made a few other changes to the comics lineup to freshen up the comic pages.


New to the weekday Journal beginning March 11, 2019 will be
Breaking Cat News, Nancy, and Luann.

In addition, “The Flying McCoys will take the place of Ziggy starting Monday.”


Then, beginning March 17, 2019 there will be a change affecting Non Sequitur:

Marmaduke is no longer in the daily paper but has joined the Sunday Comics lineup, taking the place of Non Sequitur, which the Journal dropped — as did many other papers — when a vulgar phrase was printed in the strip.

They note that the Sunday Doonesbury, which are new installments, will remain in the Sunday Funnies.

What I noticed is that all strips and panels mentioned are Andrews McMeel Syndication comics.

Here is the full Winston-Salem Journal item.


About two years ago (April 2017) The Journal dropped 12 comics from their daily line-up.

The strips being dropped from the daily paper starting Monday are Lio, Pooch Cafe, Brevity, Hagar the Horrible, Close to Home, Rose is Rose, Wizard of Id, Dennis the Menace, Funky Winkerbean, Between Friends, Judge Parker and Rex Morgan.

They were selected because of a variety of factors, including the results of a comics survey the Journal ran last year. The Sunday comics will not change.

Since they said “the Sunday comics will not change” I’m guessing they had already dropped Judge Parker and Rex Morgan there.


I’m don’t know what their full daily or Sunday pages looks like these days. Other than the coming Sunday change of adding Marmaduke anything I’ve read doesn’t affect the Sunday editions. From three years ago (April 2016) here is what their six page Sunday section was like:

Notice that Peanuts is in the 2016 Sunday section, and I would guess remains there.
The sacrosanct Peanuts is never mentioned when other rerun strips are dropped.



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#1 Jimmy Delach
@ 3:05 pm

I can confirm Judge Parker and Rex Morgan are still in the Sunday Journal and apparently they’re running Marmaduke in place of Non Sequitur in Today’s paper.

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