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The Funny Pages (for October)


Good Stories for Children – Illustrations

From 1902 to 1905 Walt McDougall provided art for his Sunday newspaper page of children’s stories.

Monster Brains presents the more disturbing of the illustrations.

John Adcock provides a bit of history.





The Gay Thirties

A treasure trove of slice-of-life panels by Milton Caniff and Hank Barrow from The Great Depression.





Cats and Raccoons Right Around Home

Animator Mark Kausler regularly presents a selection of Felix the Cat by Otto Messmer, Myrtle by Dudley Fisher, and Krazy Kat by George Herriman. A fine and funny assortment of comic strips.

But he just vastly improved the enjoyment factor of his blog by giving us the return, after 20 years, of The Mad Racoons by Cathy Hill!

The Raccoon’s first installment. The Raccoon’s second installment. With more to come.





Gene Ahern was a Screwball

Carl Linich and Paul Tumey present the weird genius of Gene Ahern.





October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Eight years ago King Features Syndicate went Pink for the Ladies.

Three years ago KFS put (almost) all the strips on a single Comics Kingdom blog page.

above: the Curtis Sunday that somehow slipped off the blog’s retrospective page.


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