Henry Quietly Retires to the Old Comics Home


With the October 28, 2018 Sunday strip Henry ceases its King Features syndicated run.

The daily strip ended with the Saturday October 27, 2018 issue.


Henry by Carl Anderson first appeared as a (mostly) panel in the Saturday Evening Post issue of March 19, 1932 and ran there until February 2, 1935.

King Features and Carl Anderson converted the panel into a strip and began daily syndication of the character on December 17, 1934. It was soon joined by a Sunday page on March 10, 1935.

The comic strip has been in reruns for over twenty years, with sources differing on when exactly the last new strips stopped appearing. So I’m going to go with Art Baxter’s list of dates:
Carl Anderson 1932 – 1945
asst. Don Trachte 1934 – 1941
asst. John Liney (gags) 1936 – 1942
asst. John Liney (pencils) 1942 – 1945
Don Trachte (Sun.) 1945 – 1995
John Liney (daily) 1945 – 1979
Jack Tippitt (daily) 1979 – 1983
Dick Hodgins Jr. (daily) 1983 – 1990
[new] Sunday ends 1995
New dailies end 1990

With a note that some claim that Don Trachte retired in 1993 and that is when the new Sundays ended.
Was Trachte far enough ahead of deadline to retire in 1993 and new Sundays to last into 1995?


Tea, for King Features, bid farewell to Henry:

In a world constantly shouting for attention,
Henry always chose to say nothing at all
– and that’s why we love him.


*No mention on the fate of Henry as distributed by the King Features Weekly Service.

update: King Features Weekly Service, which dates its offerings from the beginning of any particular week, announced that “The final edition of Henry will be October 29. ‘Tiger’ will appear in its place on November 5.”
The New York Eagle News, which publishes on Thursdays, printed Henry in its November 1, 2018 edition, and replaced it with Tiger in the November 8, 2018 issue.



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