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Yahoo! News closes down comics page

Newspapers aren’t the only medium cutting comics. Yahoo! has announced it has closed down its online comics page that ran on their Yahoo! News portal.

From the NY Post:

The comics appeared as part of Yahoo! News, which attracts some 43 million unique users per month.
A Yahoo! spokeswoman said: ?We never had a destination. We did offer comics on Yahoo! News via a content provider that we no longer have a relationship with.?
The rep denied that the end of comic links had anything to do with other cuts at the company.

Currently the URL to their comics page redirects to their News home page.

Community Comments

#1 Keith Brown
@ 12:38 pm


#2 Keith Brown
@ 1:11 pm

Am I being too naive to think that instead of cutting cartoons to save costs, they should be looking at them as a potential revenue stream? example: Peanuts, brought you by company xyz.
Why can’t individual strips have individual sponsors just like any other form of entertainment. Newspapers could have regional and local sponsors.
Does anyone know if this has been tried?
Newspapers are nothing but advertisements anyway so why not let them sponsors some strips? Am I delusional as to why this wouldn’t work?

#3 JP Trostle
@ 1:31 pm

Yahoo! is the anti-Midas of the Internet.

I fully expect them to one day decide that, oh, GROUPS are no longer profitable and suddenly delete millions of listservs, thereby destroying decades of message archives.

#4 richard McCowan
@ 6:13 pm

comics are the only reason I don’t use Google.

#5 Ruben Cerezo
@ 8:50 am

I have just decided to look for Yahoo News from now on based on the decision taken regarding the comics. Bye!!!

#6 Ruben Cerezo
@ 8:51 am

Correction: I have just decided NOT to look for Yahoo News!!! They lost me!!!

#7 Dave Zaubear
@ 10:09 pm

I tried to ask tptb Yahoo about this, and they just blew me off.
Loyalty works both ways, Yahoo.
I’ve already changed my home web address.

#8 Steve Rapp
@ 11:00 pm

You just lost me as a yahoo user by eliminating the comics

#9 Dorothy LaVoie
@ 3:02 pm

Bye, Bye. ISO new home page.

#10 Dorothy E. LaVoie
@ 3:03 pm

Bye Bye. In search of new home page.

#11 Ryan Carrier
@ 7:07 am

I too am now searching for a new news portal.

#12 Glen Reese
@ 10:54 pm

I have read complaints on yahoo news articles being one sided and often repetitive. I never read any complaints on the comics. I was told once that a secret to happiness and long life was to start the day with a laugh. Thus I used yahoo comics to start my day than onto the head lines of trouble times. Now that yahoo has joined the other news outlets in its presentation, it no longer gives me an incentive to use yahoo. I can guess by the low number of listed complaints above, there is little hope for this action to be turn around. So thank you for the many years you did provide me a chance to laugh before getting into the “news”.

#13 Chuck Littleton
@ 7:52 am

Use to enjoy my mornings looking at the comics.Having a choice about the assortment you wanted was great.
A little humor at the start of the day was a nice way to start the day.
As with all of the better things and ideas it was discontinued.
Progress at times is not progressive only disappointing and disgusting.
Yahoo , I’m sure you do not care ……

#14 john kelley
@ 8:13 pm

that sucks——really badly

#15 Doon Wish
@ 12:45 pm

Ending the comics links is just the final nail in the coffin
for me. The only articles I read are on the Science “page”
and even these stories have become less interesting.
Recently, there was an article about “turboyourpc”, a
software tool alleging to help users speed up their Windows
computers. The software, however, has been reported to
be little more than malware. Thanks, Yahoo for vetting
stories. My guess is that company paid Yahoo to include
the ad-as-a-story in the Science section.

There was a recent article on “Settled Science” from
an author who’s background indicated he wasn’t a
scientist. The article clearly, imho, attacked global
warming. I believe it was written by someone affiliated
in some way with petroleum companies engaging in
creating doubt about climate science. Again, thanks
Yahoo for vetting the story.

Little wonder to my mind why Yahoo is failing as badly as
is reported by financial news feeds.

#16 Bob Schwarer
@ 9:48 am

I can cross Yahoo off my list. It is of no use to me anymore.

#17 Donald G
@ 12:40 pm

A very disappointing turn of events… The excellent comics section was the only thing that set YAHOO apart. Now, who needs it? We can get our fill of bad news anytime, anywhere.

#18 Midge W
@ 5:04 pm

I am so disappointed you chose to discontinue sharing the comics. I agree with ALL the comments including the ones that state they are changing their online news. Shame on you for no longer sharing the ONLY light side of the dreadful news these days.

#19 Joel Tieg
@ 2:28 pm

Another indication that Yahoo! could care less what readers want. Bottom line trumps all.

#20 Steve Hubbell
@ 10:14 pm

Sheesh! I got the wrong message when I read the Facebook post stating “Yahoo! News closes down comics page The Daily Cartoonist”…. I was worried there for a minute.

I am glad I never got in the habit of reading comics on Yahoo. I really don’t have much use for Yahoo beyond the free email address.

#21 Luis Serrano
@ 1:38 am

Why don’t the Artist get together and form an Internet Business?. with an reasonable subscription fee?, Or free with Ads. I would probably subscribe. I love the comics !!!. Coffee Doughnuts MMM.

#22 Paul Meuse
@ 12:16 pm

YaWho?s worst mistake Melissa what’s her name.

#23 Mary
@ 3:01 pm

I really miss my comics. That was my favorite part of the Yahoo site. To MSN I go.

#24 Michael Gabriel
@ 8:21 pm

Does anyone know who the comic provider was to Yahoo perhaps it will go to another site and post the comics

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