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AAEC issues call for apology from Maine’s Governor over threatening comments to cartoonist

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonist has issued a call for a public apology by Maine Gov. Paul Le Page, who speaking at a youth leadership event stated that he’d like to shoot Bangor Daily News cartoonist George Danby. George’s son Nick was one of the youth leaders in attendance that night.

Here’s the statement from the AAEC:

Maine Gov. Paul Le Page?s recent statement noting that he?d like to shoot Bangor Daily News cartoonist George Danby is nothing short of absolutely reprehensible. In light of the recent assassination of twelve people, including five cartoonists, at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper in France, Gov. LePage?s remarks are beneath contempt. Calling for the shooting of a newspaper cartoonist in this political environment by an elected official is unprecedented, and Gov. LePage sets a new low in political judgment and discourse. Danby himself noted that had he made a similar statement, he?d be arrested. The board of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists condemns Gov. LePage?s vicious, stupid and irresponsible statement. We call upon him to issue a public apology to George Danby.

The governor’s staff has stated that Le Page was joking, but as the AAEC points out, after Charlie Hebdo and other attacks against cartoonists around the world, it’s not funny or appropriate.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Lester
@ 9:05 am

Excellent response. If you represent Bus Drivers.

Here was an opportunity (and we don’t get many) to respond to a predictable political idiot like no other occupation can -with merciless wit, faux righteous indignation and a unique skill we own: visual sarcasm. Any other humorist (Colbert, Stewart, Steyn, Coulter) threatened to be shot would STILL be beating this horse dreading the end of this news cycle.

But smarter people than moi chose a humorless boilerplate demand for an apology that they?ll likely get and the matter will be over rendering editorial cartooning even LESS relevant than it was before -if that’s even possible.

When Jake Tapper thinks he’s an editorial cartoonist it’s time to raise the bar.

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