ABC7 looks at Sentinel plagiarism cartoons

ABC7, an ABC affiliate for the greater Washington DC area, recently looked into the cartoon plagiarism of the Montgomery Sentinel. The report was mostly reporting the paper’s position that they’ve taken corrective action and are moving past the issue and Councilman Tom Moore, who exposed the paper.

Here’s the report:

At this point, it’s clear the paper isn’t going to divulge the identity of the person using the pen name William Charles. To do so would just keep the issue in the headlines, which they just want to leave behind.

One thought on “ABC7 looks at Sentinel plagiarism cartoons

  1. Wow. I can’t believe the irony here. The editor’s saying the councilman is only accusing them of this because he doesn’t like the paper asking tough questions? Seems more like the paper doesn’t like being asked tough questions either.

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