Daniel Clowes: No forgiveness for Shia LaBeaouf

Vulture interviews Daniel Clowes about his career and books. The topic of Shia LaBeaouf came up.

Speaking of grudges: Have you forgiven Shia LaBeouf?

I don?t know. No, not really. I mean, I don?t hold a grudge. I don?t think about it that much. But I don?t think what he did was really forgivable. I don?t know that it matters that much if he?s apologizing or whatever. I just hate the idea of anybody doing that to some young artist who couldn?t hire legal representation. I?m sort of the one guy who could deal with something like that, and it would be really possible for somebody with his amount of money and power to just crush some poor young artist if that happened to them, and I would hate to see that. So I don?t think it?s something that needs to be forgiven; I think it?s something that always needs to be thought of as just a horrible thing to do.

Back in 2013, LaBeaouf was accused of plagiarizing a Clowes graphic novel which started a bizarre couple of months of LaBeaouf trying to apologize via skywriting and on Twitter.

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