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Netflix and Warner Bros team up for 13 episodes of Green Eggs and Ham

Cartoon Brew reports that Warner Bros. and Netflix are working on a 13-episode series of Dr. Seuss?s Green Eggs and Ham. One of the executive producers will be Ellen DeGeneres, which makes me feel more comfortable with the idea of this beloved book becoming an animated series. According the the Cartoon Brew post, the Seuss family (who didn’t like the 2003 movie The Cat in the Hat) has approved of this project.

Here’s Ellen announcing the project.

Community Comments

#1 Mark Stokes
@ 10:21 am

Just?. why? I see no redeeming value in stretching out a 50 word children’s book into 13 episodes. And it’s been animated before. Green Eggs and Ham is perfect exactly as it is in the form of words and pictures. Perhaps Audrey Geisel needed the money? I believe they’ll be serving up a steaming pile of something, but it won’t be Green Eggs OR Ham.

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