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ISIS claims credit for Texas shooting

From NPR:

The self-declared Islamic State is taking credit for a thwarted attack on a contest to draw the Prophet Muhammad in Garland, Texas.

According to SITE, a company that monitors jihadi groups, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in the latest edition of its al-Bayan news bulletin. The group identified the two suspects as “two soldiers from the soldiers of the Caliphate.”

Community Comments

#1 Mike Lester
@ 2:10 pm

Molly Norris according to this CNN report might as well be dead given the ordeal of a new id. There’s no difference between Molly and Pam Geller except that Pam Geller refuses to die. And she came damn close Sunday.

#2 Keith Brown
@ 5:30 pm

Let’s see…
Two “terrorists” with assualt rifles get taken out by a single cop with handgun before they could kill the infidel. I don’t know about you but if I were ISIS I certainly wouldn’t want to lay claim to those two Darwin award winners.

#3 Terry LaBan
@ 7:38 am

The difference between Molly Norris and Pam Geller is that Molly Norris doesn’t run a well-funded hate group.

#4 Mark Juhl
@ 4:36 pm

You’re point being what? Geller deserves it?

#5 Mike Lester
@ 5:14 pm

Pretty sure this is a first on TDC (a humor site for cartoonists btw) when someone posits the idea that “People who run well-funded hate groups deserve to die.” If someone truly feels that way and wants to make that connection then logically there is no difference between them and two (dead) terrorists.

#6 Joel Tieg
@ 6:31 pm

Alisyn Camerota was no match for Geller.

#7 Mike Peterson
@ 3:39 am

The idea that someone who walks down a dark alley in a bad neighborhood shouting “I just cashed my paycheck!” deserves to get mugged is not just silly but actively and purposefully dishonest.

Yes, there is a difference between someone who behaves foolishly and is mugged, versus someone who didn’t realize she was putting herself in real danger.

However, assault and robbery remain a crime. It is idiotic to believe otherwise.

New rule: No smoking while reading TDC.

Straw men are extremely flammable.

#8 Terry LaBan
@ 6:01 am

I never said Pamela Geller deserved to die. I said that, unlike Molly Norris, who’s apparently just a cartoonist whose bravery got away with her, Geller is a professional hate-monger. My point being that Mike Lester’s assertion that they’re essentially the same is wrong. Now, wipe the foam off your mouths and get some air.

#9 Mike Lester
@ 9:28 am

Let’s get back to funny and this is funny. A REAL Associated Press headline:

In other news Gay’s unapologetic for Westboro parishioners missing work.

ISIS prisoners not sorry they’re so darn flammable.

Baltimore small businesses show little remorse for stocking irresistible Nike’s.

Beheaded Coptic Christians fail to issue apology for staining ocean w/ blood.

Let’s all lighten up. We’re cartoonists. Roll w/ it.

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