Richard Thompson greeting cards. That is all

Someone had the genius idea of peaking into the trove of Richard Thompson art and had decided to turn them into greeting cards. And really – what would you rather send – a sappy card or one that you’ll spend an extra few minutes looking at the lines, color and expression before sealing the envelope.

From Richard’s blog:

Are you tired of greeting cards that are too thoughtful? That announce their sensitivity trght from the get-go, leaving you no space for nuanced crudities? Well, the good people at Thompsoniana are here to help, with thousands* of card designs that are both attractive and uncommunicative. Hey, we’re up to our eyeballs in images here, there’s gotta be some way to turn them into cash!

Go check out the cards.

One thought on “Richard Thompson greeting cards. That is all

  1. It’s a great idea, Alan, and you’re right about those extra minutes of looking at Richard’s wonderful lines, color and expression. I may buy two cards so I can keep one and spend as much time as I want admiring it.

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