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Call for nominations for Courage in Editorial Cartooning

The Cartoonists Rights Network International has called for nominations for their annual Courage in Editorial Cartooning award. The award goes to an “political or social cartoonist who has demonstrated exceptional courage in the face of overwhelming threats while pursuing their Article 19 freedom of speech rights and the art of political cartooning.” This is an award given to any cartoonist that meets the criteria from anywhere in the world.

Nominations will be accepted from June 1 to June 15, 2014.

See Cartoonists Rights web site for details on nominating a worthy candidate. Anyone can nominate a cartoonist.

Cartoon by Steve Benson

Community Comments

#1 Deeg
@ 6:25 pm

You’d have to nominate any editorial cartoon remotely critical of Islam.

#2 Mike Lester
@ 10:19 am

Not sure if you clicked the link or not but this is at the top of the page:

“The Ink of a scholar is more precious than the blood of a martyr.”

-The Prophet Mohammad

This has got to be an Onion parody, right?

#3 Mike Peterson
@ 4:27 am

Why, Mike? I don’t know if the quote is genuine or not, but Islam is no more anti-intellectual in origins than is Christian triumphalist and imperialistic. The tradition of great Islamic leadership in several fields of scholarship does come to a crashing stop, but no moreso than does the tradition of Christian pacifism.

Both distorted are regrettable and toxic misinterpretations of the originator’s intent. And equally pointless, alas, to try to debate with the True Believers who hold to them.

#4 Mike Lester
@ 6:03 am

Sorry, I was just pointing out a quote on the website in reference to the previous comment. I have no idea wtf you’re talking about but I’m not interested.

#5 Mike Peterson
@ 11:22 am

I know you don’t, Mike, and it’s clear you aren’t.

Lack of curiosity and contempt for knowledge are certainly not confined to extremists of any particular culture or religion.

#6 Jim Lavery
@ 9:39 pm

If I draw a cartoon of Mohammad saying that I should automatically win, right?

#7 Jay Lamm
@ 9:05 pm

I have been assaulted by a state Senator from NC. Swung at by a local commissioner and had a citizen show up at my house with a gun to protest a cartoon. A group of preachers tried to have me fired. I have received death threats in the mail and on the phone. A city manager had the police jump me in a parking lot… And I continue on?.My cartoons are on local issues. They make an impact. I don’t spend my time drawing cartoons to compete for awards (Even though I win my share of NCPress Awards) or to sell them through syndicate. When I enter a room, I am the most hated person there?.

Do you want to engrave the award with my full name or just Jay Lamm.

#8 Keith Brown
@ 5:07 am

Worst blow back I ever got was for an NRA cartoon. There was the expected visceral online reaction, but someone tracked down where I worked (which is completely separate from my cartooning) and called my boss and started asking a bunch of questions. It was a bit unsettling.
I also had an hour long telephone shouting match with the local state rep. only to come away with a new found resolve of my original opinion. They are just a business. Nothing more nothing less. They, like religion, sell fear. And they are very good at it.

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