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This week’s sponsor is Greg Kogan of is an online platform where you, the friendly (or not) cartoonist can upload your thousands of gag cartoons that are unsold or gathering dust and let Greg promote, market and license them. He’ll even cut you a check for those cartoons that sell. Yes, he’s one of those friendly cartoonists.

The alternative? You can continue keep your backlog of cartoons (published or not published) in the closet/pantry/attic/basement or you can spend thousands of dollars building your own website, storefront and payment gateway on top of hundreds of hours marketing and licensing your work.

The third option is to take a few minutes and check out and talk to Greg.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Cope
@ 10:52 am

Since many of us will be wondering the same questions, perhaps Greg can share more about the cartoonist/distributor relationship here. For example, how much is his company charging per cartoon? What is his company’s cut per sale?

From reading his website, it’s vela that there is a pay scale depending on who the end customer is. It would be nice to know in advance what value Greg’s company is putting on the cartoons.

Thank you.

#2 Mike Cope
@ 10:55 am

I have no idea why my phone replaced “vela” for “clear”… ;)

#3 Grigoriy Kogan
@ 12:32 pm

Mike, thanks for asking what many were probably wondering. Since the revenue share may change in the future, I’m wary of posting it online where it could soon become outdated information. If you reach out by email–which I encourage anyone to do–then I openly share the details.

I will mention that the cartoonists gets *majority* of the revenue. I’m a cartoonist myself, so I treat others how I’d like to be treated.

Happy to answer any other questions you may have!

#4 Mike Cope
@ 7:36 am

Thanks, Grigoriy! Just emailed you.

#5 Keith Brown
@ 5:26 pm

I e-mailed you too!

#6 Leonard Green
@ 10:18 am

yes i have a comic strip i’ve been trying to published for 6-7years now it seems like i can’t even have any luck cracking into the comic market i know it’s very hard now but i keep on trying i will never give up because this is my dream i wonder could you help me in this matter?

#7 Leonard Green
@ 10:23 am

hello i’ve been trying to publish a comic strip for 6-7 yaers now i know it’s very hard to crack into the comic market now but i never give up i will keep trying because this is my dream i wonder could you help me in this matter please

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