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Pat Bagley becomes artist in residence at The Leonardo

Salt Lake Tribune editorial cartoonist Pat Bagley is the artist in residence this month at The Leonardo, a local contemporary museum for science & culture. There will also be an exhibit of his work on display this month.

From the Trib:

As an artist in residence at The Leonardo, Bagley will turn a portion of the art lab into his studio, lab manager Liberty Blake said. He?ll work on the mural for at least 10 days this month.

Bagley anticipates starting the mural around May 12. On days he works in the lab, he?ll set aside time to answer questions and explain how he works.

Bagley joins a group of artists in residence that has included a Nike shoe designer and a violin maker, Leonardo creative director Jann Haworth said.

For the locals, he’ll be at the museum on May 16 from 6-9 where you can talk to Pat while taking in the gallery of his work. The big unveiling of his mural will be at the end of the month.

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