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Fantagraphics to release softcover complete Peanuts collection

Speaking of Peanuts, Fantagraphics Books has announced it’s going to release a softcover edition of The Complete Peanuts. That’s good for someone like me who would love to have it in the collection but can’t justify the cost of buying so many hardcover volumes at $50 each.

From Fantagraphics Books:

If there’s anyone out there who’s been holding out for a softcover edition of The Complete Peanuts, your patience is soon to pay off! Or if you’re late to the Peanuts party and want to start from the beginning, now is the time. Our paperback of The Complete Peanuts 1950-1952, the first volume in our definitive, unexpurgated collection of Charles M. Schulz’s decades-spanning masterpiece, is due in a couple of months, and we have a bunch of pages to share with you!

They’ve posted a link to a downloadable preview. The first volume is due out in May, but you can pre-order today. Cheapest price is on Amazon at $17.90

Community Comments

#1 Mike Lester
@ 12:46 pm

Great news. Now can we take them out of the paper? The Sam Snead references are a bit dated.

#2 John Cole
@ 1:22 pm

The Peggy Fleming strips still slay ’em down at Sunny Acres, though.

#3 Terry Pollard
@ 8:43 pm

Great news! Something you can share with your kids without compromising the hard bound books in your collection. Thanks, Alan.

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