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Thank you Daniel Boris

A big thanks goes out to Daniel Boris, who sponsored the blog last week. He’s running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his children’s book Dozi the Alligator based on his Dozi character in his strip. The story follows how Dozi meets Byron Hoxwinder, the other main character in the comic strip. The 20 full-color page book is written by Daniel and illustrated by Nicola Sammarco. The artwork is top notch and I can see why the project was funded so quickly. That said, he has two weeks left of his campaign and has some great stretch goals for anyone wanting to help him get this book out.

Here’s the campaign video:

Community Comments

#1 Daniel Boris
@ 8:29 am

It was my pleasure, Alan.

Just a small correction: The book will have over 40 pages, and 20 full-color illustrations!


#2 Eric Allie
@ 10:33 pm

The illustrations I saw were crazy awesome.

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