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Brian Crane beats out Brandon Flowers, Mitt Romney in coolest Mormon list

Pickles creator Brian Crane is a cool Mormon. A lot cooler than other celebrity Mormons according to a Utah magazine polling readers for their top 50 Coolest Mormon Men Alive. Brian came in at #16 beating out nationally and internationally men such as #40 Mitt Romney (politician), #19 Brandon Flowers (frontman for The Killers), #32 Brandon Mull (author) and former 49ers QB Steve Young (athlete) who took the last spot. One other individual on the list in the comic/animation industry is Ed Catmull, president of Walt Disney Animation Studios is on the list (#12).

There is a list of coolest Mormon women, but none in the comic/animation industry.

Community Comments

#1 Brian Crane
@ 1:43 pm

That list is kind of deceiving, Alan. It’s actually in alphabetical order. If it were truly a ranking of coolness my name would be way down on the list. Just ask my wife.

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