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Jeff Smith launches Tuki webcomic

Bone creator Jeff Smith has been teasing the release of a new webcomic for several months now. Yesterday the webcomic went live.

Jeff Smith explores the ice age in this all new mythological fiction of the first human to leave Africa. With the completion of his science fiction noir thriller RASL, Jeff Smith returns to his cartoony roots with Tuki, which will be accessible by all ages.

Tuki will be released in ?Seasons?. A page from Season One will be uploaded Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon for the next 8 weeks. Season Two will begin April 14, 2014.


Community Comments

#1 Tom Falco
@ 10:04 am

Incredible drawings.

#2 Dale Cipperley
@ 9:47 am

I was wondering what format/aspect ratio he’d use to be both web and book friendly. Good’s like a big Sunday strip.

#3 Eugene Plowden
@ 3:58 am

So far I am enjoying this comic. Great art work!

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