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NYT Reviews painting apps and styluses

The New York Times looks at three different drawing apps and how well the work with a stylus.

When he introduced the iPhone and iPad, Steven P. Jobs asserted the touch-screen devices didn?t need a stylus because humans come with 10 great touch-screen controllers sticking out of our palms: fingers. He was proved right, and most new smartphones and tablets don?t require a stylus to work their touch screen.

The pro version of Layers for the iPad, and brush strokes offered by the app.
But some apps work better with a stylus, particularly painting apps.

Not the most complete review I’ve read. It’s missing a number of good apps (like my fav ProCreate).

Community Comments

#1 Stephen Beals
@ 12:03 pm

It kind of tells you how things have changed when a $5.00 app is called expensive while people are regularly paying that for a single cup of coffee.

#2 G Louis Johnson
@ 3:43 pm

The review is also missing pressure sensitve stylus like the Intuos Creative or Pogo Connect.

#3 Stu Rees
@ 10:50 am

Stephen is 100% correct. I see this all the time. Some things people will pay for without thinking. Others are to-the-death over every penny. Apps have been devalued due to overwhelming supply.

#4 Dale Cipperley
@ 11:27 am

I don’t understand why people keep focusing on the ipad as a drawing tool when alternates from Samsung and Microsoft have built in Wacom pressure sensitivity.

#5 Darrin Bell
@ 8:08 am

Not to mention the alternative PC tablet sold by Wacom itself.

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