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China arrests cartoonist Wang Liming for forwarding an email

China has arrested a blogger and a cartoonist in a crackdown on “rumor-mongering.”

From The New York Times:

In Beijing, the capital, cartoonist Wang Liming was taken into custody at midnight on Wednesday and has not yet been freed, his friend, Wu Gan, told Reuters by telephone.

Wu said police told Wang’s girlfriend they summoned him for forwarding a microblog post about a stranded mother holding a baby who had starved to death in the flood-hit eastern city of Yuyao.

“Suppression of this kind by the Chinese government is of no use,” Wu said. “Rumors arise because there’s no freedom to communicate on the Internet. Arresting people will not solve the problem because the problem does not lie with the people, but with the government.”

The New York Times reports that the government is cracking down on dissent and is threatening three-year jail sentences for anyone spreading untrue posts.

Community Comments

#1 Dave Stephens
@ 8:44 pm

How awesome – a government that can do no wrong and PROVES it by simply suppressing all evidence to the contrary…

#2 Donald Rex Jr.
@ 10:28 am

Babies starving in floods is what causes unrest. Kudos to the Chinese cops for clamping down on editorial cartoonists who flagrently forward emails of lies.

#3 Dave Stephens
@ 5:41 pm

And by “lies,” you mean anything remotely negative about the government? Go Team Suppression! Love those pom poms, Donald Rex Jr., but your team has NO interest in the truth.

#4 Donald Rex Jr.
@ 9:40 pm

See I thought my post was clearly satirical. Did you read your own post? I guess your team is into suppression because you say it is awesome.

I guess we’re all Bozos on this bus. (cultural reference kids don’t be alarmed-use the bing.)

#5 Dave Stephens
@ 3:51 am

I get it now. I’m putting my clown nose away…

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