IDW to publish artist edition of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts

IDW has announced that it will publish an artist’s edition of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts. The Artist’s Edition reprints Sparky’s originals in color so that you can see not the finished black and white, but all the scratches, blue pencil marks, erasing and editorial notes. The book is published so that the art is the same size as his originals and with paper to be as close as possible to the original art board.

Unfortunately the press release doesn’t detail pricing, availability or even a page count. I’ll watch this and update as details emerge. I have several of these Artist’s Editions and they’re definitely worth the cover price.

12 thoughts on “IDW to publish artist edition of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts

  1. This’ll be a big book; Mr. Schulz’s originals were enormous. Surprisingly so for such open, spare line work. The original “Peanuts” I’ve seen don’t have a lot of underdrawing or corrections. He worked cleanly and did a lot of his rendering in the inks over light pencils, so I’m not sure how much will be gained by seeing the nit and grit. I wouldn’t expect them to look THAT different. Still, his drawing had a grace at full size that isn’t apparent when reduced and reproduced. That’s worthwhile.

  2. Not sure why anyone who’s interested in this book should be labelled a sucker. As a cartoonist and longtime fan, I’d be fascinated to see Schulz’s actual work close-up. It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever visit his museum due to distance, so why wouldn’t I want this volume? Can’t wait, actually.

  3. I stand by my comment and anyone who buys this very expensive book will discover why I hold that opinion. It is not that the volume will not be what it is described; but that what it describes is not particularly extarordinary in my view.

    This volume is everything I could want, in a Library Book.

  4. Donald, if someone offered you a Charles Schulz original to hang on your wall, would you accept it, being not particularly extraordinary?

  5. Stacy, is an original Peanuts (extrordinary) equivalent to a book reproducing any number of originals (mundane)? I would equate this with buying a book reproducing your lovers kisses.

    In 40 years I’ve have the privilege over seeing very many original Peanuts daily and Sunday strips, I was even so fortunate as to see the artist close-up in person when he visited San Antonio in the late 1990s. Based on this experience I feel that this expensive book is one that I would prefer to check out from the library. If I recieved it as a gift I would return it, sell it or trade it, ’cause there’s a sucker born every time IDW publishes another big book. (my opinion, yours my differ)

  6. Have you seen a preview of the book, Donald? If so, why not just say so and offer your opinion as to it not being what people might be hoping?

    If not, it’s still fine to offer your opinion if you choose, but it’s not fine to characterize anyone who may be interested in it as a “sucker”. It’s insulting and especially presumptuous if you haven’t seen the book.

    While I’m impressed you have, lo, so much experience with Peanuts originals and Mr. Schulz himself, I’m not impressed with your snarky attitude in an attempt to feel smarter than others. The kind of commenting you’re doing here is what gives internet commenting a bad name.

  7. I have a folder on my iMac where I store scans of original comic strip art that I’ve collected over the years (most downloaded from Heritage Auctions). It’s filled with the works of many different cartoonists, including Sparky, and the images playback as a slideshow while I work. These scans serve as a nice form of decoration, inspiration, and humiliation.

    I look forward to adding this book to my collection.

  8. Jeff Pert, Please try not to attach such personal resentment to a plainly retorical device as I used in my initial post. Clearly the theory that a sucker is born every minute does not imply that all people are suckers, or the someone, not a sucker, might want to buy this book. Only the truth hurts, but if one does not feel it applies why trouble to assume it should?
    I’ve seen IDW volumes of Dave Stevens, Joe Kubert and several others. They sell these books as the next best thing to having the originals. Thay may be the next best thing; but to me its a thousand miles away, across several state lines from seeing or owning the originals.

    I would say the sucking up and illiterate posts are the norm in internet comments. Exactly how is “fine” for you to tell someone else if their comments are right or wrong? Especially when you misinterpret then, as explained above.

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