Oyster Books seeks to do to books what Netflix did to movies

Having mixed thoughts about the announcement of this new service called Oyster which hopes to do to books what Netflix did to movies – a flat monthly fee for unlimited access to a vast collection of books. As a reader, this excites me as I spend more time in books these days than I do in Netflix. But, I wonder about whether something like this devalues books? What is the author’s cut in an arrangement like this?

From their announcement:

Readers can access and read over 100,000 titles across every genre?from international bestsellers and celebrated classics, to cult sci-fi and seminal biographies?and we?re just getting started. With new books added every week, there?s always more to explore.

With unlimited access, you can jump into any book with a single tap. So you spend less time thinking about what to read, and more time reading.

Not sure if they’re taking independent publishers, but for those cartoonists selling your own ebooks, it might be worth investigating. Visit their About page for contact information for publishers/authors.

At the moment, it seems to also be limited to the iPhone, which surprises me. You’d think they’d start with the iPad. I’ve read books on my iPhone, but only when I’m waiting for something and trying to pass time. I use the iPad more for reading.

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