All things Superman: Smashes records, legal fights, reviews

For Father’s Day I made the kids take me to see Man of Steel – on my dime of course. But I’m really glad they did, because it was the Superman movie I had hoped it would be – not cheesy. It had much more sci-fi (spaceships, weaponary, etc) than earlier attempts, but given that Superman really is an alien, I’m okay with it. Watching the trailers I was curious how the movie would fit in all the re-introduction to the character, the fate of Krypton, childhood development, character development, battle scenes galore etc. and still keep a coherent story-line. I think they pulled it off. And lastly, I have to give Henry Cavill props. He pulled the character off. Until now, every actor playing the Superman character has been measured by Christopher Reeve. I think that changes now. Cavill is Superman at this point.

So to news regarding all things Superman:

The total gross revenue for the film is $128k+ for the weekend according to Box Office Mojo. Michael Cavna says that’s the biggest opening ever for June.

Bloomberg profiles Marc Toberoff the attorney representing the Siegel family in the perpetual legal battle over rights, royalties, etc. for the Superman character and franchise. Short version of the story: the battle will rage on.

If you own a house built around 1938, you may want to take a sledge hammer to the walls. There might be gold or better – a mint condition Action Comics #1 (first comic book to feature Superman). A home fixer-upper, David Gonzalez of MN, discovered an Action Comics #1 in such a wall. It’s being auctioned for over $107k.

Jake Roper looks at the science behind the question – what would happen if Superman were to punch you. Short version: It would hurt because his fist would be the equivalent of particle beam.

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  1. Never forget Larry Niven’s classic essay, “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex”, which ponders the problems should Superman ever have sex with Lois Lane.

  2. The guy who found Action Comics #1 inside the walls of his fixer-upper project, that’s just the craziest story ever…you couldn’t make that up, it would be too absurd. Of all the possible things you could find inside the walls of an old derelict house!

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