Frank Cho banned from Facebook

Robot 6 reports that Frank Cho was blocked from Facebook for 14 hours after someone took offense to one of his drawings. His access was finally restored 14 hours later.

From Robot 6:

After 14 hours of hell, my Facebook account is working again with no explanation,“ the artist wrote. ”Every time I login, my screen went completely white. I tried login on 3 separate computers and all 3 went blank. My tech buddy, Brandon Peterson, figured out that it was not a physical problem but someone from Facebook admin just put a block on my account. Now they just lifted my block without a reason or explanation."

Frank is the creator of Liberty Meadows and does a lot of work for Marvel comics and is known for drawing curvy women.

4 thoughts on “Frank Cho banned from Facebook

  1. This underscores the argument for owning digital real-estate.

    Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress, and others all provide you with the ability to post content in front of an audience. For the lay life-blogger this is good enough. For the professional content creator it LOOKS good enough until something like this happens.

    Cho has a presence at, but also uses Facebook to reach his fans. If Facebook completely cut him off (or if it completely went away) he would still have a presence.

    The take-home? Own a domain name and a website. Be able to move it from host to host. Be able to link to it from the various social networks, and always encourage your fans and followers to visit you at “your” place on the web.

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